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-Règlement FEI par JeanClaudeGrognet (13/06/2018 12:05:12)
Pour répondre à différentes interrogations qui me sont parvenues, voici les extraits du règlement FEI concernant les participations après élimination, disqualification ou retrait:
3. Disqualified (D)
3.1.Athletes and Horses may be Disqualified for contravening certain of these Rules at any time
during an Event. An Athlete or Horse who has been Disqualified is prohibited from taking
any further part in the Event or winning any prize. Disciplinary action may be taken
subsequently by the NF of the offender or by the FEI if the incident is reported to the FEI
by the Foreign Judge or Appeal Committee, or if a Yellow warning Card has been issued.
4. Eliminated (E)
4.1.Athletes will be Eliminated from a Competition as a penalty for contravening certain Rules
during the Competitions.
4.2.Athletes who are Eliminated may compete in the subsequent Competition(s) in the Event.
5. Retired (R)
5.1.Athletes, who, for any reason, do not wish to continue, may decide to Retire during any of
the Competitions. If an Athlete Retires in a Competition he is allowed to compete in the
subsequent Competitions in the Event.
Si donc un meneur se retire d'un test il peut poursuivre le concours. Cas de Renaud Vinck entre le marathon et la maniabilité.